Traffic Control Products


Name Description  

Type I Barricades

One reflective top panel. Meets the criteria for use on low speed, conventional roads or urban streets. Type I barricades are also used for pedestrian traffic control.

Type II Barricades

Top & bottom reflective panels. Type II barricades meet the criteria for use on expressways and freeways or other high speed roadways. Though similar to the Type I barricade, the Type II barricade offers more nighttime visibility because the bottom panel is also reflective.

Type III Barricades

Three reflective panels. They are primarily used where it is necessary to close a road completely. When used to close roadways, Type III barricades must also support the appropriate signage. These signs would include, but are not limited to: ROAD CLOSED, DETOUR, LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY. When deemed necessary Type III barricades can be outfitted with Type A "warning" flashers.

Barricade Rails

TrafFix A-Cade Barricade
Flexible and durable polyethylene TrafFix Rails feature an I-beam design that protects the reflective sheeting from damage and allows nesting for easy storage and transport.

Plastic Folding Barricades

Plastic Folding Type I Barricade
Tough, lightweight, easy-to-handle and 100% recyclable, the TrafFix Type I barricade is made from durable, impact-resistant polyethylene, and is certified to meet NCHRP-350 and MUTCD standards. The plastic design eliminates metal legs that can pinch fingers and damage vehicles. Panels are recessed to protect the reflective sheeting, and the legs are equipped with anti-skid gripper teeth. The panels have reinforcement ribs to resist bending and warping.

Candlesticks - Grabber & Looper Tubes

With the convenient Grabber Tube handle, you can easily and quickly tie or wrap caution tape from one tube to the next. The innovative handle design enables you to easily move, set, drag or lift the Grabber Tube.

Traffic Cones

Orange & Lime Green
18", 24" & 36"
With (or) Without Reflective Collars


TrafFix™ Grabber Cones - Molded Handle & Stackable Design

  • Convenient, molded handle for easy movement
  • Patented design prevents cones from sticking together
  • Flexible cone works with removable 16 lb. rubber bases
  • Cones and base will not crush even when run over
  • Bases and cones sold together and separately
  • Includes light mounting hole and keyhole sign slot
  • Stackable design for easy storage and transport
  • Certified to meet NCHRP-350 and MUTCD standards.

Channelizing Traffic Drums

The TrafFix Generation IV Channelizer Drum is manufactured from tough, reshapeable plastic. Available in either low density (soft) or high density (hard) polyethylene, the TrafFix Drum is made to bounce back after repeated impacts.


  • Drum is a minimum of 18" wide throughout its 36" height, regardless of orientation
  • Built-in carrying and dragging handle
  • Tapered design allows stacking with or without barricade lights for easy handling and storage
  • Two mounting holes for optional barricade lights

Safety Fence

Warning barrier fence is an extremely versatile and economical plastic construction site safety fence. Lightweight, flexible warning barrier fence is easy to handle as well as install. This fence is highly visible and is ideal for all construction applications as well as Haz Mat, crowd control, and many other uses.

Flashing Barricade Lights

Add an economy flashing light to any barricade for additional visibility, especially at night.

Warning Lights – Magnetic Mount

LED 625 Series High Power Warning Lights - Amber Magnetic Mount

LED625M-A is a high impact LED Warning light with a complete 360* Display. Flash pattern can be changed with button on base of light. There are four (4) user-selectable patterns. Magnetic Mount. Includes 75lb pull magnet with 15' straight cord and cigarette lighter plug w/dual rocker switch - ON/OFF and Pattern Change.

Warning Lights – Flange Base

LED 625 Series High Power Warning Lights - Amber

LED625F-A is a high impact LED Warning light with a complete 360* Display. Flash pattern can be changed with button on base of light. There are four (4) user-selectable patterns. Flange Base.

Raised Pavement Markers

Raised pavement markers (RPMs) are durable, highly reflective markers used for longitudinal lines and gore markings on new and existing asphalt or concrete road surfaces. 3M raised pavement markers are made with 3M™.

Temporary Chip Seal/Pavement Markers

These flexible raised pavement markers are easy to install and remove, saving you time, money and lives. For use on chip seal, slurry seal or fog seal surface dressings to install on lane or center lines. These chip seal markers are self-adhesive for easy installation.
Available in white or yellow.

Crafco Qwikdots Adhesive Pads

Crafco Qwikdots system will adhere to almost anything to both concrete and asphalt pavements. From adhering signposts to parking bumpers, these pressure sensitive peel and stick modified asphalt adhesive pads are the perfect product for all of your adhering needs.


Name Description  

Carsonite Roadmarker™

Excellent for straight-aways and general delineation. The "three-rail" design withstands high-speed vehicle impacts. They have met or surpassed the certification standards of a long list of local, state, and national agencies.

Guardrail & Barrier Delineators

Guardrail Delineators are mounted directly onto guardrails and barriers structures, providing consistent delineation. Posts come with installation hardware, wood/steel options, and reflective length/color options.


Safe-Hit Surface Mount Delineators

Durable & Flexible for Multi-Purpose Use. Safe-Hit Surface-mount and Soil markers are made to withstand the abuse of time, traffic and the elements. Safe-Hit's flexible posts are constructed of durable linear low density, co-extruded polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors. They are available with portable bases, surface mount bases or soil anchors. Safe-Hit posts feature a two piece, self-locking system that reduces installation and maintenance costs. The Safe-Hit Line is ideal for applications with average impact frequency.

Safe-Hit Guide Post (Round post, flattened on top w/ black oval cap, 3" x 9" reflective strip & surface mount pin lock base)

Safe-Hit Channelizer(Round post with recessed cap, one 6" reflective wrap and surface mount pin lock base)


Safe Hit Surface Mount Starter Kit

Also available which includes 10 Safe-Hit posts, 10 SMA or SMT bases and 10 Epoxy kits or Butyl pads.

Surface Mount & Twist Lock Base Assemblies

For installation of channelizers on asphalt or concrete, include:

  1. SMA Standard surface mount base with locking pins for use where posts are permanently installed.
  2. SLT Sub-level twist lock base where it is desirable to have the base level with the concrete or asphalt surface. Highly recommended where foot traffic is present.
  3. SST Sub-surface twist lock base where a low profile is desired due to vehicular or foot traffic.
  4. SMT Twist lock base, for use where delineators or sign posts must be installed, removed and reinstalled periodically.
  5. PSB Portable Base for temporary use of posts and signs.

*A plastic insert (removable plug) is also available for all bases to protect against dirt accumulation and to protect foot traffic when post is removed.


Signs, Posts & Hardware

Regulatory Signs


Warning Signs


School Signs

Parking Signs

Work Zone Signs

Interstate & Street Signs

Safety Mesh Signs

Sign Stands & Accessories

Hardware and Posts

  • Galvanized, U-Channel & Utility Posts
  • Round/Pipe Posts & Square Posts
  • Wood Posts & Utility Posts
  • Impact Recovery
  • Rain Caps
  • Brackets
  • Mounting Hardware (i.e., bolts, nuts, washers)
  • Banding Mailbox Supports & Post Drivers

Impact Recovery Posts & Bases

Impact Recovery Posts are flexible sign posts that can help you avoid repair and replacement costs. Flexible sign posts feature springs inside the post that allow them to automatically spring back when hit. Your sign always stays upright and visible, plus you won't spend time and labor reinstalling sign posts that have been knocked down. Ideal for use as traffic sign posts and parking sign posts.

Car Stops & Speed Bumps

(Concrete & Recycled Rubber)

Name Description  

GNR Park-It Parking Curb

Rubber Park-It car stops are used in parking facilities to effectively stop cars pulling into parking spots, helping protect vehicles and the surrounding infrastructure. Unlike asphalt or concrete parking curbs, which need frequent replacements, Park-It rubber wheel stops are more forgiving of vehicles, sturdier and do not break or need to be replaced. Available in white or yellow. 3', 4' or 6' (L) x 6" (W) x 4" (H) - 34 lbs.

Pre-Cast Parking Bumpers

Concrete wheel stops are designed to prevent vehicles from damaging buildings, sidewalks, and delicate landscape. Graduated taper on ends relieves danger of cutting tires. Mark parking spaces long after painted lines have worn off.

6 ft Standard Size (6"h x 9"w x 72"l) • Reinforce with (2) rebar pins.

GNR Easy Rider Speed Bump

Rubber speed bumps reduce vehicle speeds making parking lots safer. Constructed from 100% recycled tires, they are preformed for immediate installation. Flexible design conforms to the contour of virtually any road surface.

GNR Alley Bump

Alley bumps were developed specifically to address speeding and cut-through traffic in city alleyways. They slow cars to a stop. Constructed from 100% recycled tires, GNR alley bumps are preformed to ensure a smooth, safe ride. The Alley Bump's flexible design conforms to the contour of virtually any road surface. The bumps are simple to install and can be easily removed for storage or relocation. They are pre-drilled for anchoring spikes or lag bolts. They will not warp, crack, chip, or rot. They have molded highly reflective tape, cat's eye reflectors and a channeled bottom to facilitate drainage as well as to cover cabling or piping.

GNR Safety Rider Mini Hump

A unique modular device designed to slow traffic while maintaining a continuous traffic flow. The tongue & groove system allows the module units to be linked together to cover the width of any roadway.

  • 100% recycled rubber w/ in-molded, reflective highway tape (yellow or white).
  • Pre-drilled holes for quick installation; shipped with lag bolts and plastic shields - for installation on asphalt surfaces (Note: if installing on concrete, requires metal lag bolts and shields).
  • Can be easily removed for storage / relocation & can be used for temporary or permanent installation.
  • Lightweight - can be easily installed by 2 people.

GNR 3', 4' & 6' Park-It Car Stop – Recycled Rubber

GNR Home Park-It Car Stop – Recycled Rubber

GNR 4' & 6' Easy Rider Speed Bump – Recycled Rubber

GNR Speed Bump End Cap – Recycled Rubber

GNR Safety Rider Mini Hump – Recycled Rubber

GNR 4'& 6' Alley Bump – Recycled Rubber

GNR Alley Bump End Cap – Recycled Rubber

Concrete 6' Car Stop/Bumper (2 rebar spikes needed)

14" Rebar Spike for GNR Park-It (req. 4 per car stop) for Asphalt Install

6" Lag Bolts & Lead Shields for GNR Park-It (req. 4 per car stop ) for Concrete Install

Safety Accessories

Caution Tape

Yellow (or) Red
(3"x1000' roll)

Chalk - Marking (Bottles)

Packaged in convenient poly bottles with spout caps.

Chalk Boxes

Whatever the application, we've got a chalk box that will meet your needs!

Chalk Line Reel - Giant

The world's premier chalk boxes for frequent snaps and bold lines!

Chalk - Half-Moon Marking

Available in red, blue & white.

Cones, Traffic & Highway

Orange & Green
18", 24" & 36"

28" & 36" w/ Reflective Bands

Crayons - Hard Lumber

Available in red, yellow, green, blue, white & black.

Crayon Holders

Uniquely designed, lumber crayon holder permits advancement of crayon to any desired length then retraction to prevent breakage. Walnut wood or lightweight, aluminum holders.

Flagging Tape

1-3/16" x 300' rolls. Available in all colors.

I.D. Locators

Utility Locator ends time-consuming painting & measuring, prevents inaccurate post-paving search methods, replaces costly surveying and marking & protects against expensive damage to cover caps.

Layout Tapes - Pre-Marked

300-foot tough fiberglass measuring tape mounted on cord reel. Tape is pre-marked with color codes for desired straight in or angled parking stall sizes. Helps align stall depth and width in one step. 5 color-coded pre-marked layouts include: 8'6", 9'0" and 10'0" straight in parking along with 60 degree parking of 9'0" and 10'0".


Keson ST Steel Tape

Black-Metal Case Very popular with realtors and other indoor users. ST5018 (50' closed)
ST5010 (50'– 10th's)

Keson NR Nylon-Reinforced Steel Blade

A Keson bestseller!

  • Tough, double nylon-coated steel.
  • Break-resistant under severe use in the field.
  • 3/8-inch wide blade reduces wind drift and tape weight.
  • Metal-reinforced crank handle for durability

NR18100 (100')

NR18200 (200')

Keson Long Tapes

Keson SNR - Steel Housing, Nylon-Reinforced Steel Blade
Keson NRS - Nylon-Reinforced Steel Blade, Speed Rewind 3 x 1 rewind, high-visibility housing! Metal, planetary gearing for super-fast rewind.

Keson Metal Professional Wheel – MP
Measuring Wheels

Simplicity and durability were two principles that guided our design of the Metal Professional Wheel. The result is a wheel that rolls easily over the most difficult terrain and can stand up to constant heavy use.

(15-1/2" dia)
MP301 (11-1/2" dia)

Parking Lot Protractors

The Parking Lot Protractor is an excellent tool to set your initial angle. It has a 180 degree scale and four foot legs. Fully opened, it is 7 1/2 ft. long. Simply open the protractor to the desired angle, tighten the thumb nut, and you are ready to establish your angle.

Keson PowerGlide - PG
Pocket Tapes

A stainless steel blade and hardware inside our popular PowerGlide pocket tape.

PG25 (economy 25')
PG1025 (25')
PG1835 (35')


Available in pink, yellow, blue & red

Paint & Tape - Traffic/Marking

Glass Beads
Add to wet paint for reflective traffic markings. Excellent for roadways or parking lot use. Sold in 50 pound bags.

Marking, Striping, Sports Field
Rustoleum Paint 20 oz. Inverted Orange (Water Based-12 per case)

Ennis Waterborne & Solvent Based Traffic Paint

Parking Lot Striping
Streets & Highway Striping
Airfield Markings
Handicap Spaces
Crosswalks & Driver Directives

Meets State & Federal Specifications

Inverted, Water-Based &

Special Orders

Pavement Marking

Flint PreMark

Preformed Thermoplastic Pavement Marking
PreMark® high performance retro-reflective preformed thermoplastic pavement markings are engineered for enhanced visibility, durability and flexibility. PreMark® contains uniformly distributed glass beads throughout the material so that, as the marking wears, new beads are exposed. PreMark® has no minimum road or air temperature requirements, is designed for use in heavy traffic locations where maximum wear and tear is present and does not require preheating of the pavement to a specific temperature prior to application.


  • Lines, Legends, Arrows, Bike Lane Markings, Accessibility & Storm Drain Markings
  • Contrast Markings
  • Interstate Shields

Ennis ViziGrip®

A unique feature of PreMark® designed to ensure that skid resistance and retro-reflectivity are maximized especially where loss of traction in wet conditions is of major concern. ViziGrip® can be added to any of the PreMark® lines, legends, arrows, and other designs in 90-mil and 125-mil thicknesses.


Flint HotTape™ Products

HotTape™ Preformed Thermoplastic Pavement Markings

HotTape™ Lines, Legends and Arrows HotTape™ Lines, Legends and Arrows are supplied in 90-mil and 125-mil thicknesses. Yellow and white linear material is also available in 90-mil rolls.

Flame Tape

Preformed Heat Fused Thermoplastic
Flame tape is a heat fused prefabricated thermoplastic pavement marking material. High tech polymer resins out- performs your typical hydrocarbon and alkyd based preformed thermoplastic materials.

Flame tape is so durable that it can be installed in locations with heavy street traffic or in isolated areas and still last for years and years. It is highly retro-reflective. It reflects so well it can be seen in the darkest night. It also bonds fast so that road crews and traffic are not tied up for a long time.


Temporary Foil Tape
Visa-Line Construction Grade from Swarco is a highly economical solution when short-term temporary pavement markings are needed for construction or road repair areas. Available in reflective white and yellow, it is convenient to use and ready for immediate service due to its factory-applied adhesive backing that creates an aggressive grip with the road's surface. Visa-Line Construction & Engineer Grade readily conforms to a clean, dry surface, and is weather and traffic resistant.


Swarco Visa-Line Temporary Tape – White (4" x 300')

Swarco Visa-Line Temporary Tape – Yellow (4" x 300')


Designed for heavy use, these stencils will last a lifetime. Apply paint with brush, roller or spray equipment. When paint dries, it is easily removed from parking stencil. All sizes given are for image only. Actual plastic background is slightly larger. Standard sizes available in 6", 8", 12", 18" & 24". Larger sizes are available upon request. Custom cuts are also available.

Alphabet and Number Stencil Kits


ADA Handicapped Stencils

Symbol Stencils and Kits


Individual Characters Wording Stencils