Surface Treatments

Asphalt Sealer (Bulk)


PermaSeal is a protective coating specially formulated from asphalt clay emulsion. It has excellent weathering properties which resist damage caused by chemicals and other destructive elements. In addition to sealing out moisture and ultraviolet oxidation, the coating seals in the asphalt binder which keeps the pavement flexible. PermaSeal is odorless and contains no skin irritants.

Fog Sealants

A fog seal is a light application of a diluted slow-setting asphalt emulsion to the surface of an aged (oxidized) pavement surface. Fog seals are low-cost and are used to restore flexibility to an existing HMA pavement surface.

GSB Rejuvenating Sealant Binder

GSB Rejuvenating Sealant Binder is a low cost method to keep pavements in good condition longer. GSB helps to slow down the oxidation/deterioration process of your roads. GSB is a very strong binder and was studied and shown by the Army Corp of Engineers to be four times more effective in holding a pavement's surface together than the leading saturate oil rejuvenator. When used properly, GSB can double the service life of solid asphalt pavements. (Under the correct conditions,) GSB can be used effectively on any type of asphalt pavement including:

State Highways & Roadways
Parking Lots

GSB Stands For:

Gilsonite - a natural, unrefined asphalt ore that is mined in Utah. It is rich in resins to help replenish the pavement's surface where oxidation first starts.

Sealer - the resin rich film of GSB is very resistant to oxidation; this keeps water out and pavement oils and flexibility in.

Binder - "glues" in an asphalt pavement's fines to help stop ravel and premature cracking.


  • GSB seals in the pavement's vital oils
  • Seals out the harmful effects of water, air, and the sun
  • Penetrates and binds together the top portion of your pavement to
  • Slows down the chain reaction pavement deterioration cycle started by raveling

PASS QB Asphalt Rejuvenator:

  • Modified cationic emulsion containing a rejuvenating agent, specialized asphalt and quality polymers.
  • Carefully formulated with cationic emulsifiers to break rapidly after application so that traffic can be resumed with minimal traffic delays.
  • Penetrates, seals, rejuvenates and beautifies asphalt pavements.
  • When cured will not track.
  • Prevents further weathering of the pavement surface by preserving the fine surface aggregate particles.
  • Extends the life of an asphalt pavement.
  • Normally diluted 1:1 and applied at a rate of between 0.08-0.12 gallons per square yard depending on surface conditions.

Coherex® Dust Palliative

  • Coherex® is a petroleum resin based non volatile emulsion.
  • The resins are film forming and agglomerate the soil particles.
  • Coherex® is supplied as a concentrate and further diluted with water at the jobsite.
  • The product is highly stable with a long shelf life.
  • Can be freeze stabilized for winter storage.
  • Applications include tailing ponds, slope stabilization.

De-Icer (Liquid and Granular)

For use in applications to prevent or eliminate ice and snow formation or build-up on paved and concrete sidewalks, parking lots and roadways.

Magnesium Chloride

Road departments and private industry may apply liquid magnesium chloride to control dust and erosion on unimproved (dirt or gravel) roads and dusty job sites such as quarries. Its hygroscopy makes it absorb moisture from the air, controlling the number of small particles which become airborne. Similarly, owners of indoor arenas (e.g. for horse riding) may apply magnesium chloride to sand or other floor materials to control dust.

Asphalt Binders

PASS® can be utilized for a variety of road maintenance needs. PASS® emulsion is a polymer modified asphalt-rejuvenating agent. It has enhanced low and high temperature properties and resists low temperature cracking; as well as maintains and restores asphalt pavements without tracking or bleeding. PASS® restorative seals may be applied at ambient temperatures ranging from 45°F to 120°F.

Roadways on the brink of reconstruction have been revitalized with PASS® for as little as one-tenth the cost of asphalt removal and replacement.

Reclamite® Asphalt Grinding Treatment & Rejuvenating Agent

Reclamite® rejuvenating agent is formulated from petroleum maltenes to prolong the life of asphalt pavements. It provides a simple, one-step method for restoring and preserving plasticity and durability in asphalt, and it is remarkably effective for extending the life of newly constructed pavement and for corrective maintenance on deteriorated pavements.

Reclamite® is outstanding for its ability to delay the aging process from the onset and reverse any premature aging that might be caused by construction variables such as excess heat at the hot plant, excess voids caused by low temperatures during compaction. All of these factors leave the finished surface vulnerable to air and water intrusion, chief causes of premature aging.

Airport runway applications are well suited for Reclamite® preservative seal. Reclamite® will seal and protect mildly ravelled, oxidized and porous surfaces.



Dust Control & Soil Stabilizers

Stabilize the soil from wind erosion and reduce dust caused by construction activities. Wash boarding, rutting and potholes on haul roads, unpaved roadways and construction yards can significantly increase maintenance costs. Our environmentally friendly products will solve all your dust control needs. Our products have been utilized in many industries to stop dust and all other types of particulate matter from entering into the air and water.