Drainage Solutions

Drainage is critical in the design and construction of surface and sub-surface projects. Groundwater seepage may cause hydrostatic pressure and leakage, resulting in structural damage. Our drainage products are designed to aid in the promotion of soil stability while intercepting and removing ground water.

Drainage Systems

Sheet Drains / Drain Boards

Aggregate Free Drainage System

MiraDRAIN® is a high-performance drainage composite consisting of a three-dimensional, high impact, creep resistance polymeric core, and a selection of engineered anti-clogging filter fabric. The filter fabric is factory-bonded on individual dimples of the molded core to minimize fabric intrusion into flow channels caused by backfill pressure. The fabric serves as a filter medium to prevent the passage of soil particles into the core while allowing sub-grade water to pass freely.

J-DRain SWD® is a composite turf drainage system consisting of a 3-dimensional, high flow, drainage core and a non-woven, needle-punched filter fabric. The filter fabric is wrapped and bonded to the drainage core, preventing intrusion of the filter fabric into the flow channels during the backfilling process. Soil particles are held back by the filter fabric allowing water to pass through to the drainage core allowing water to be collected and conveyed to the discharge point. Available in 12, 18, 24, & 36 inch widths.

Strip / Highway Edge Drain

Strip drain is used where a water collection system is needed or full area drainage coverage is not necessary or practical. It can replace traditional pipe and stone for drainage collection systems.

Composed of a polymeric core surrounded by a non-woven fabric, this product features high flow capacities and reduced excavation needs. The lightweight strip drain costs less, drains better and is easy to install.

Strip Drain Applications

  • Athletic Fields
  • Residential / Commercial
  • Foundation Drains
  • Highway Edge Drains
  • Golf Courses
  • Any Location with Standing Water

Trench Drain

(Channel Drains & Grates)

This is a specific type of floor drain containing a dominant trough or channel shaped body. It is used for the rapid evacuation of surface water or for the containment of utility lines or chemical spills.

  • Catch Basin Sediment Capture (Siltsack®)

  • Channel Drains & Grates

  • Curb Inlet Filters (Gutterbuddy®)

  • Dewatering Bags

  • Downspout Adapters

  • Drain Basins (Round & Square)

  • Drain Guards

  • Emitters

  • In-Line Catch Basins

  • Sediment Catch Basin Inserts

  • Valve Boxes (Round & Rectangular)

Storm Water Management

Culvert, Gaskets & Bands

A culvert is a pipe that allows water to pass beneath a roadway, driveway, railway or embankment. Culverts will be buried at some depth below the surface, aligned to permit passage of water with minimum obstruction to the watercourse. For culvert protection, a minimum of 1 foot of cover over culvert is recommended.

  • 16 gauge - 12" corrugated steel culvert in stock
  • Stocked in 2' increments
  • Available from 10' to 20' lengths
  • Non-standard lengths & diameters available upon request

HDPE Pipe (single & dual wall)

Pipe Fittings
(tees, elbows, wyes, couplers, reducers, adapters)

Erosion Control

As federal, state, and local authorities have tightened the requirements controlling erosion at construction sites, Arrow Construction Supply has responded by providing a wide array of products to protect the soil over a wide range of site conditions and degradation requirements. Made from natural, synthetic, or a combination of materials, choices include those designed for short-term or permanent applications on slopes, as well as those that fortify drainage channels, waterways and shorelines with soft or hard materials.

Straw Wattles Northwest Wattles dba Arrow Construction Supply

Northwest Wattles are a low cost answer to erosion and soil runoff. Being relatively lightweight, they are easy to transport and can be set in place quickly for immediate, yet long lasting erosion control. Wattles can replace silt fences, straw bales, earth berms, and sandbags. Wattles are easy to install and easy to maintain.

  • 100% Natural
  • Certified Noxious Weed Free
  • 9" X 25' (MOST POPULAR SIZE)
  • Photodegradable Plastic Mesh Casing (or) Biodegradable Burlap Casing
  • Special sizes available

Flat Ground Projects: Northwest Wattles are ideal for bare lots along the edge of curbs and driveways, around drains and inlets, and on and around stock piles. Use on flat surfaces or slopes to prevent erosion and sediment pollution on construction sites. Utilize as water bars on access roads or along sidewalks to prevent sediment run off onto pavement and into gutters.

Slopes: Place in shallow trenches along the contour of newly constructed or disturbed slopes. Wattles help stop overland flow, decrease water velocity, reduce sheet erosion and prevent rill and gully development.

Ideal Uses:

  • Construction Sites
  • Highway Projects
  • Watershed Protection
  • Slopes & Swales
  • Drain Inlets
  • Ski Areas
  • Wildfire Rehabilitation
  • Timber Harvesting Erosion Control
  • Mine & Land Reclamation
  • Stream Bank Restoration

Silt Fence

With the current environmental focus on wetland and bio-habitat protection, soil erosion on slopes, and silt build-up in streams, many state and federal construction projects are imposing stricter specifications to ensure proper erosion control. Pre-wired silt fence configurations are designed for control and filtration of sediment from distributed soil surrounding construction sites. This restricts the loss of costly soil while allowing water to filter efficiently into the ecosystem.

Erosion Control Mats

Immediate to Long Term Degradation

Standard roll dimensions = 6.67' x 108'

A temporary protective blanket placed on top of bare soil, commonly made of straw, jute, wood fiber, coconut fiber coir, or synthetics. They are designed for immediate to long-term erosion protection and vegetation formation assistance on severe slopes, channels, and shorelines.

Functional Longevity

100% Straw    =    up to 12 months
70% Straw / 30% Coconut    =    up to 18 months

100% Coconut

*std roll dimensions 6.67' x 108'

   =    up to 36 months

Geojute® (100% Jute Netting)

* roll dimensions 4' x 225'

   =    up to 12 months

TRM's (Turf Reinforcement Mats) Permanent

Long Term Degradation

Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs) are used in vegetated channels where flow conditions exceed the limits of mature vegetation. This soft armor offers a green alternative to riprap and concrete in certain high-flow applications. Turf reinforcement mats feature a matrix made of 100% synthetic components, such as polypropylene fibers, or a composite of synthetic fibers and durable natural materials, such as coconut fiber (coir), providing immediate erosion control protection and three-dimensional netting that permanently anchors and reinforces plant roots and stems.

Pyramat® High Performance TRM

Clearly in a class all its own, Pyramat® HPTRM is a highly engineered, precisely manufactured product that has raised the bar on Turf Reinforcement Technology. Pyramat® HPTRM is designed to withstand prolonged exposure to UV light with negligible degradation, assuring functional longevity in areas slow to vegetate. Pyramat® HPTRM is available in Green or Tan, instantly provides aesthetics in these same areas. With its superior strength and performance values, Pyramat® HPTRM can be used with confidence on your steepest slopes and most demanding channels.

  • Pipe Inlet/Outlet Protection
  • High Flow Drainage Channels
  • Stream banks & Shorelines
  • Landfill Slopes & Channels



Available in 8.5ft wide rolls, 90ft long - 85 sy/roll. Please specify color, green or tan.

  • Pyramid® HPTMR's have more than 10 times the strength of standard TRM's.

North American Green VMAX³® Permanent TRM

The Vmax3 series of turf reinforcement mats combine permanent three-dimensional matting with a fiber matrix material. The result is a revolutionary new way to permanently control erosion and reinforce vegetation in applications once designated only to rock or concrete.

P300      (UV Stabilized Polypropylene Fiber/Thread)

SC250      (70% Straw / 30% Coconut Fiber)

C350      (100% Coconut Fiber)

Turbidity Curtains / Floating Silt Curtains

Essential when working in and around lakes and waterways

Turbidity Curtains or FSC Units (Floating Silt Curtains) provide an effective and price sensitive system for isolating silt or other hazardous materials in aquatic environments. Standard FSC units are available in nominal heights of 7 ft.(2.1m), 13 ft. (4.0m) and 19 ft. (5.8m). They can be made in custom heights to accommodate any water depth. The standard FSC body is constructed of Typar 3401 filter fabric, a strong, high filtration material. The float and bottom sleeve of the FSC are wrapped with UV stable, high strength RPE materials for durability. FSC units are preassembled in 50 ft (15m) lengths, and connecting hardware is included with each unit so the system can be expanded to any length. FSC systems over 800 feet long have been utilized to isolate large portions of a water body. The 50 ft sections need only be connected to the desired length, weighted down with the addition of a chain or cable, and deployed into position. While the standard FSC sections are constructed with international orange fabric around the float and visible above the waterline, custom colors are available.

Arrow's FSC products have been used for several years to isolate hazardous materials within a water body. Common applications include isolating silts and particulate matter, and isolating chemicals such as herbicides with a solid curtain. Whether a standard or custom FSC system is required in your application, Arrow can meet the environmental needs of your aquatic project. Please contact your Arrow representative for more information on the Floating Silt Curtain series of environmental protection products.

Triangular Silt Dikes

Designed as an effective and economical alternative to straw bales, silt fence, rock check dams, etc., the Triangular Silt Dike™ creates a positive barrier to water flow, creating a small stilling basin behind the barrier that allows the sediment to settle out of the run off water. Triangular Silt Dikes™ are comprised of a triangular urethane foam core wrapped in a woven polypropylene fabric. It is made with lightweight and durable materials and weights just 7-9lbs per seven foot section. The protective aprons on either side of the barrier prevent both erosion and failure of the structure. The aprons are attached to the ground and held in place with U-shaped wire staples, helping the Triangular Silt Dike to conform to rough terrain.

Coir Logs

Effective erosion control along stream banks, shorelines, lakes and ponds Coir fiber logs are constructed of interwoven coconut fibers that are bound together with high strength netting of coir twine. Coir logs are an effective erosion control construction product used along stream banks, shorelines, lakes and ponds. Stacked coir logs provide bank protection on higher shorelines. Used in conjunction with erosion control blankets, coir logs protect the toe of the shoreline. Emergent plants thrive in coir log, providing a long term vegetated and stabilized shoreline.

Coir Mats

Long Term Degradation

Coir mats are manufactured from 100% woven coconut fiber twine. Coir fiber is highly suitable for severe erosion control problems such as steep slopes, high velocity flow channels, as well as the stabilization of stream banks and shorelines.

Gabion Baskets / Reno Mattresses

Offer an environmentally sensitive solution to soil retention slope stabilization.

Gabions are built from high strength double twisted hexagonal mesh filled with natural hard durable stone and connected together to create a monolithic mass structure capable of undergoing structural movement without any loss of structural integrity. Gabion baskets have some advantages over loose riprap because of their modularity and ability to be stacked in various shapes. They also have advantages over more rigid structures because they can conform to ground movement, dissipate energy from flowing water and drain freely. Their strength and effectiveness may increase with time in some cases, as silt and vegetation fill the interstitial voids and reinforce the structure.

Gabion walls are pervious to water and stabilize a slope by draining and retaining.

Reno mattresses are usually 6- to 9-inches high, 6-feet wide and 9 or 12 feet long. Generally, they're not appropriate for lining landfill channels. Those applications call for the larger, heavier-duty gabion baskets, which are typically 12 to 18 inches high, 3 feet wide and 12 feet long. They can handle water flows in the range of 22 to 24 feet per second

Also Available:

  • Silt Sacks®
  • Dirt Bags®
  • Gator Guards
  • Biaxial/Uniaxial Geogrids
  • Wire Staples
  • Geocells
  • Rock Fall Netting
  • Dust Palliatives