Tools & Accessories

  • Anchors, Inserts & General Accessories
  • Bridge Overhang Brackets
  • Concrete Glue
  • Concrete Vibrators
  • Curing & Sealing Compounds – Solvent & Waterbase
  • Decorative - Stamps, Acid Stains & Color Release
  • Diamond Blades & Concrete Saws
  • Epoxy Sealers, Adhesives, Coatings
  • Floor Levelers & Patching Products
  • Forms - Pour-In-Place, Tilt-Up & Form Liners
  • Grinders, Roto-Hammers, Quickie Saws, Bits (Makita) Grouts - High Strength - Metallic & Non-Metallic - For Columns, Equipment & Machinery Bases
  • Hand Tools - Trowels, Floats, Brooms, Groovers, Edgers & Much More
  • Joint Fillers & Sealers - Expansion & Control
  • Knee Boards, Kneelers, Buckle Boots, Gloves
  • Material Spreaders – Concrete Rakes
  • Patching Compounds - Fast & Slow Set
  • Plastics - Visqueen & Reinforced Visqueen
  • Power Tools
  • Power Trowels - Walking & Riding
  • Pre-Cast Inserts & Supplies
  • Rental - Jahn A's, Forms, Bridge Overhang Brackets & More
  • Reveal Strip
  • Screeds – Steel, Aluminum & Plastic
  • Shoring/Postshore
  • Shovels, Rakes, Bars, Picks & Sledges
  • Sprayers & Accessories
  • Surface Treatments, Cleaners & Form Release Agents
  • Tape Measures, String Line
  • Ties - Snap, Gates, Bag, No Waler, Western-Style & More
  • Tie Wire, Reels, Twisters
  • Tilt-Up Braces & More, More, Much More!
  • Truss Screeds – Air & Vibrating
  • Waterproofing Sealers & Coatings
  • Waterstop
pouring foundation


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Additional Products

  • Form Release Agents & Treatments
  • Retarders & Evaporation Reducers
  • Curing Compounds & Liquid Hardeners
  • Curing & Sealing Compounds
  • Quartz Aggregate Dry Shake Floor Hardeners
  • Non-Shrink Grouts, Anchoring Cements & Epoxy Grouts
  • Toppings & Self-Leveling Underlayments
  • Cement Repair Mortars
  • Bondbreakers for Tilt-Up Construction
  • Liquid Floor Hardeners & Densifiers
  • Latex Bonding Agents & Primers
  • Concrete & Masonry Sealers
  • Concrete & Masonry Cleaners
  • Epoxy Construction Adhesives & Joint Fillers
  • Protective & Decorative Floor Coating
  • Polyurea Joint Fillers
  • Specialty Products

Concrete Accessories


Chapin 1949

3.5 gal
Industrial Viton Concrete Open Head Sprayer

Chapin 1999

3.5 gal
Pump Free Industrial Compressor Charged Sprayer

Chapin 1046

3.5 gal
Poly Hand-Held Sprayer with Viton


1 gal
Premier Tri-Poxy Steel Sprayerr


Work Premier Pro Plus Sprayer Blue

Concrete Curing Blankets


Our lightweight blankets are foam filled. Wrapped in a durable reinforced scrim and sealed at the boundaries to form a moisture impervious insulated chamber. Blankets come equipped with grommets for easy installation.

6' X 25' –OR- 12' X 25'

Lasers & Levels


AGL Lasers

Rotating Laser, Tri-pod & Rod
MR50 Detector & Clamp, Carry Case


20X Auto Level, Tri-pod & Rod


Transit, Tri-pod, Carrying Case & Rod

Concrete Hand Tools

Trowels, Floats, Brooms, Groovers, Edgers & Much More

Floats & Finishing Tools

Trowels, Floats, Brooms, Groovers, Edgers & Much More

MXS205D 20" x 5"
Marshalltown Finishing Trowel with Dura Handle

MXS205RE 20" x 5"
Marshalltown Finishing Trowel - Round Front

MXS25BRD 20" x 5"
Marshalltown Finishing Trowel - Blue Steel Round
with Dura Handle



Finishing Brooms
Green Fine Flag Top Finish 36" & 48"

Over-the-Shoe Boots
All Sizes

Knee Boards
w/ Knee Pads

Warning Panels (ADA)

ADA Detectable Warning Surfaces for Pedestrian Crossings

Concrete Buckets, Hoist

"Orange Dot" Gloves

Green 14" PVC Gloves

Wheel Barrows

Water Coolers & Jugs

Duct Tape, Buckets & General Job Accessories


Caulk, Cartridge & Epoxy Guns


Concrete Brooms

Frames, Rollers & Grout Wheels

Concrete Tampers

Form Stripping, Crow & Pry Bars




Dow Building Solutions - Styrofoam

STYROFOAM™ Brand PERIMATE™ Insulation features specially designed dovetail grooves that face the soil to channel water down to the footing drains or weeping tiles. When installed on the exterior of foundation walls, the moisture-resistant extruded polystyrene foam insulation provides thermal insulation, protects the waterproofing membrane and assists drainage of the subsurface soil moisture in a single step.

W.R. Meadows Perminator - 10 and 15 Mil Underslab Vapor Barrier

Permintor underslab vapor barrier is a new generation of polyolefin-based resin/chemical technology. Perminator provides the vapor barrier industry with a highly effective, economical choice for helping to reduce the penetration of moisture and water vapor through the slab into the structure, thereby helping to reduce fungus, mildew, and mold growth. Perminator also helps reduce radon gas from entering the structure.


Our knowledgeable sales staff can assist you with all of your concrete needs.

Concrete Repair, Resurfacing, Curing & Sealing


CTS Rapid Set

Rapid Set® Cement

Fast Setting, High Performance Cement Repair Material
(A very fast setting hydraulic cement used in concrete repair and cement repair applications requiring the highest durability and fastest strength gain)

Rapid Set® Cement All™

Concrete Repair - Fast Setting, High-Strength, Non-Shrink Grout (Durable in wet environments, sets in 15 minutes & is ready for traffic in one hour)

Rapid Set® DOT Cement - Industrial Grade, Fast Setting Cement

(Ideal for the repair of pavement, bridge decks, industrial floors, parking garage decks, freezer floors and vertical & overhead repairs)

Euclid • Tamms

Euclid Luster Seal 300 - Clear Non-Yellowing Concrete Cure and Seal
Euclid Luster Seal 350 - Clear Non-Yellowing Solvent-Based Cure and Seal for Concrete
Tamms Thin Patch - Featheredge to 1 Inch Polymer Modified Patching Mortar
Euclid Speed Crete Red Line - Fast Setting Patching Material
Euco Diamond Hard - Abrasion Resistant and Reduces Surface Absorption of Liquids
Euclid Diamond Clear - Non-Yellowing, Blush Resistant Sealing Compound
Euclid Super Diamond Clear - High Solids, Water-Based Non-Yellowing Cure and Seal
Euclid Rez-Seal - Concrete Cure and Protective Coating for Interior & Exterior Concrete
Euco Rock - Quick Setting, Flowable Grout Designed for Anchoring or Grouting Applications
Euclid NS Grout - Non-Shrink, Non-Stain, Non-Metallic Grout

Euco #452 - Epoxy System

(ASTM C-881 Compliant, 2-component material designed as a moisture insensitive adhesive and binder for numerous application needs)
Euclid Weather-Guard - Siloxane Penetrating Water Repellent
Eucobar Evaporation Retardant – All Types of Concrete Flatwork

Euclid Thin-Top Supreme - One-Part, Modified Deck Resurfacer

(Cementitious mortar designed for use as a floor or deck topping at thicknesses of 1/16" to 3/8". It provides excellent durability under freeze/thaw cycling as well as protection against ingress by water and deicing salts. Offers normal set times and a mid range slump for easy workability)

Euclid Concrete Surface Retarders - for Exposed Aggregate Surfaces

(Available in two formulations to meet varying job requirements: FORMULA F is a paint-like emulsion designed for application directly to forms, FORMULA S is a neutral, sprayable liquid for application to freshly placed horizontal concrete surfaces)

FlexSet - Rapid Concrete Repair 5-Gal Kit

Flexset™ Rapid Concrete Repair is a high performance rapid cure repair polymer supplied in three and five gallon kits for the restoration and reconstruction of deteriorated or damaged concrete. Simple to use, Flexset™ Rapid Concrete Repair is used to patch, restore, and repair concrete potholes, narrow or wide cracks, spalls, break-out, joint openings, and floor restorations. Just remove excess dirt and debris from the surface and then pour. When applied, FlexSet™ has a 9 to 12 minute work time and a 1 hour cure time; and can be successfully applied at ANY temperature, including sub-zero repair.

Target Products

Target Portland Expanding Non-Shrink Grout

Designed for use in applications where a non-shrink grout is required, such as the following: Grouting under columns, base plates, sole plates and machinery not subjected to heavy impact or dynamic loadings or vibrations. For applications involving such loads consult Target Products Ltd. Grouting of pre-stressed or post-tensioned tendons, anchor bolts, or cables. Grouting of post-tensioned structural sections. Grout jacking of concrete structures and pile grouting. Repairs to concrete structures. Void backfilling in tunnel work. Underpinning of buildings. Permanently anchoring posts, signs, parking meters, railings, columns and other fixtures in concrete, rock or masonry.

Target® Flowcrete

Structural repairs and applications requiring a high quality concrete at any consistency between stiff plastic and flowing where the quantities involved or placement conditions make the use of conventional ready-mixed concrete impractical. On request, silica fume can be included in the mix to give reduced permeability.

W.R. Meadows

W.R. Meadows Fibre - Expansion Joint

(Composed of cellular fibers securely bonded together and uniformly saturated with asphalt to assure longevity. Fibre Expansion Joint is versatile, resilient, flexible, and non-extruding)

W.R. Meadows 1100 - Clear Resin-Based, Water-Based Concrete Curing Compound

(The 1100-Clear series of water-based concrete curing compounds is formulated from hydrocarbon resins and may be used on interior, exterior, vertical, and horizontal concrete surfaces. Once applied, 1100-Clear forms a premium-grade membrane that retains an optimum amount of water in freshly placed concrete for complete hydration of the cement.)

W.R. Meadows 1200-White Water-Based, Resin-Based Concrete Curing Compound

(1200-White is ideal for application on exterior, horizontal surfaces, such as highways, airports, and street and curb paving)

W.R. Meadows 1600-White - Water-Based, Wax-Based Concrete Curing Compound

(The 1600-White series of water-based, white-pigmented concrete curing compounds are wax-based dispersions with selected white pigments. When properly applied, 1600-White forms a premium-grade membrane, which optimizes water retention. The white pigment reflects the sun's rays to help keep the concrete surface cooler and prevent excessive heat buildup.)

W.R. Meadows Deck-O-Foam® Expansion Joint Filler

(Deck-O-Foam expansion joint filler is a flexible, lightweight, non-staining, polyethylene, closed-cell expansion joint filler. It is a chemical-resistant, ultraviolet stable, non-absorbent, low density, economical, compressible foam that offers an extended service life in both interior and exterior applications. Deck-O-Foam is supplied with a convenient, pre-scored removable strip to provide a uniform sealing reservoir in the joint. It also serves as a sealant bond-breaker and provides an economical alternative as an expansion joint in all concrete paving projects. It is compatible with all currently available cold-applied sealants.)

W.R. Meadows Duoguard® VOC Compliant Form Release Agent

(Duoguard Multi-Reactive Form Release is composed of an organic chemical that reacts with the alkali content of concrete to form a release film that effectively prevents the bonding of the concrete to the form. In addition, the product also contains a high molecular weight and a non-reactive, chemically inert ingredient to assist in clean, quick, form release and removal. These exclusive ingredients combine the effectiveness of a chemically reactive type and an inert barrier type to provide a doubly effective separation... DUO... and the ultimate in form release. Duoguard meets maximum VOC content of 450 g/L for Form Release Compounds as required by the U.S. EPA Architectural Coatings Rule.)

W.R. Meadows Mel-Rol® - Rolled, Self-Adhering Waterproofing Membrane

(Mel-Rol waterproofing system is a flexible, versatile, dependable, roll-type waterproofing membrane)

W.R. Meadows Mel-Rol® LM Single-Component, Water-Based, Polymer-Modified, Cold-Applied, Waterproofing Membrane

(Mel-Rol LM is a single-component, polymer-modified, cold-applied, water-based, liquid waterproofing membrane ideal for below-grade horizontal and vertical seamless waterproofing applications. We have taken the same high quality rubber polymers found in Meadow's successful Mel-Rol "peel and stick" membrane, and converted them into a heavy-bodied, high solids, quick drying liquid membrane. With Mel-Rol LM, installation time is reduced, utilizing either a spray or roller application. A variety of different protection courses, insulation boards, or drainage boards can be embedded into the membrane to create a superior waterproofing system. With the application of Perminator® vapor barrier over the membrane, a composite system can be created that has the combined advantages of both "peel and stick" and liquid-applied membranes.)

W.R. Meadows Med-Cure™ Concrete Curing Aid & Hardener

Med-Cure concrete curing aid was specially formulated to supplement the W.R. Meadows line of curing compounds and provide the contractor with a good, general purpose curing aid for construction applications where economy is of prime importance. It contains no wax, resin, or solvent.

Sealmastic™ Emulsion Dampproofing

Sealmastic emulsion-type dampproofing is a breather-type which permits moisture vapor to escape through the film, while remaining resistant to water penetration. This prevents blistering of applied films. The product can be applied to green concrete (not totally dry). TYPE I (spray-grade) is an asphalt-based, non-fibered, clay emulsion. Under normal use, it resists flow or sag. Its greater resistance to water is ideal where spray application is desired. TYPE II (brush-on/spray-grade) is an asphalt-based, clay emulsion with fibers specifically formulated to offer a tight film that combines both. TYPE III (trowel-on grade) is a trowel-applied mineral colloid, asphalt emulsion, fibrated with selected fibers and produced in an ideal, light trowel application consistency. TYPE III offers high weather, water, corrosion, and abrasion resistance. It can be used as an adhesive on foam board installations. excellent strength and resistance to water. CCCooonnncccrrreeettteee CCCooolllooorrr

Concrete Color, Stains & Stamps


Stamps for Sale (or) Rent Texture Skins "Floppies" & Texture Mats

Stains, Color & Sealers Available
Large Inventory in Stock!

Davis Colors
Integral Color

Ready Mix concrete suppliers use the Chameleon™ bulk handling system or Mix-Ready® disintegrating bags to add color to concrete. Mix-Ready® bags are tossed into the mix without opening or pouring. While it's easiest to order concrete with the color already mixed-in, sometimes it makes sense to add color yourself. Mix-Ready® disintegrating bags make adding Davis Colors clean and easy to do. Just toss unopened Mix-Ready® bags directly into the concrete mixer. Mix-Ready® bags travel deep into the mix and disintegrate under mixing action, releasing pigments to disperse uniformly. You'll stay cleaner and there won't be a bunch of empty bags to clutter the job site.

Proline Decorative Concrete Systems

Accessories for Concrete Stamping

Proline Concrete Tools offers wheels, chisels, joint strips, rollers, "S" tools and tampers. All the accessories you'll need to complete your job can be found here.

Art Stamps

There are several different categories of accent pieces available that will help you set your work apart. Included in the collection of concrete stamps are: Fish, Bears, Butterflies, Geckos and Moose (just to name a few). Create unique designs with Proline's new EZ-Accent and EZ-Tique colors.

Ashlar Slate

Proline's beautiful granite and slate textures come in the customary 2' x 2' Ashlar pattern, a 3' x 3' Large Ashlar, as well as the innovative 4' x 4' Rotating Ashlar. Tight tolerances between the mats results in less detail work and allows for speedier installations. This pattern looks fantastic in a driveway or patio setting.

Band Tools

Band tools can be used to accent the job and provide an interesting color and style combination. Take a look at the Bellagio Custom Band Tool used at the Bellagio Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas.

Border Tool Stamps

Border art comes in over 10 different styles including the original Grapevine, Dolphins, Autumn Ivy, Hawaiian Flower, English Rose, Fleur-de-Lis, Garden Rose, Acanthus Lear and brand new Daisy Garland.

Brick Stamps

No contractor should be without a set of brick stamps. They are popular, easy to use and with the right color combination can look as natural as real brick. The band tools can be used to accent the job and provide an interesting color and style combination. Take a look at the Bellagio Custom Band Tool used at the Bellagio Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas.

Cobble Stone Stamps

Proline offers 8 different patterns of Cobble Stone including the popular Old Cobble and Herringbone Old Cobble Stone stamps. Two different sizes (both large and small) of the Appian Cobble Stone are also available. These patterns provide a traditional and authentic look to any job.

Custom Name Stamp

Add your name to mark your outstanding work. Typical custom name stamps are 2" x 5" ovals with three lines of print for company name, city and state, and phone number or website address. If that's not what you are looking for, just let us know what you need. We are happy to accommodate special requests.

Fan Stamps

Five different fan stamp patterns are available to choose from including: Small, Large, Fish Scale Granite, European Fan Small & Large Stone and Yuko.

Medallion Stamps

Nothing will set you apart as easily as the new concrete stamp medallions. They come in 15 different styles including: Aztec Calendar, Compass Rose, Flaming Sun, Celtic Star, and Yin/Yang

Random Stone Stamps

Random Stone patterns provide authentic looking stone patterns with cut marks and defects just like real stone. There are several different patterns to choose from ranging from small stone patterns like the Garden Stone and River Rock to large patterns seen in the Arizona Flagstone as well as the Grand Random patterns.

Release, Color, Sealer for Concrete Stamping

Color your concrete with Proline color hardener, color release as well as water based EZ-Tique and EZ-Accent products. Don't forget your sealers to properly maintain your concrete or new Calico Top Finish to maintain pre-sealed concrete and give it a shiny new look in between sealer applications.

Seamless Texturing Skins

If you've ever been to Las Vegas, you've seen these innovative textures throughout many of the major hotel/casinos. There are over 20 natural life-like textures to select from including the popular Old Granite Cleft Stone and Roman Slate (created especially for Caesar's Palace). Seamless mats are a must for every decorative concrete contractors stamp portfolio.

Sidewalk Stamps

Proline's innovative Sidewalk Slate mats reproduce the popular Old Granite and Roman Slate textures in running patterns. Cast from real stone, the ridges, lines and textures give incredible depth and character to the pattern. You'll achieve more life-like results from the three-part mat system with different sizes of slate pieces.

Slate Pattern Stamps

Slate patterns include the Hexagon, Running Bond, Opa Locka and California Weave styles. Also included in the category are Sidewalk stamps in Old Granite and Roman Slate textures. The ridges, lines and textures of these stamps provide character just like the real thing.

Square Tile Stamps

There are too many textures and sizes to count. Proline offers tile patterns ranging in size from 4" x 4" up to 4' x 4' tiles in all of their popular textures. Wood

Wood Plank Stamps

Popular wood floors are imitated with elegance and style. The wooden planks are natural looking right down to the pegs in the planks. There are several different sizes and styles to choose from including the brand new Cedar Plank with Knots.

Moose #SA1001 / 12"x12"

Hummingbird #SA2100 / 8"x7"

Sculpted Accents New

Wildlife & Garden Series
Aquatic & Equestrian Series

For the creative individual that wants to add that "Finishing Touch", Proline offers a full line of hand carved stamps.
Many unique foot prints are also available.

Salmon (Hammered Edge)
#SA3301 HE / 18"x18"

Deer #SA1400 / 15"x15"

Bear #SA1300 / 17"x11"

Release, Color & Sealer for Concrete Stamping

Color your concrete with Proline color hardener, color release as well as water based EZ-Tique and EZ-Accent products. Don't forget your sealers to properly maintain your concrete or new Calico Top Finish to maintain pre-sealed concrete and give it a shiny new look in between sealer applications.

Proline Dura Color Hardener

Dry-shake color hardeners come as powders that are hand broadcast onto the freshly placed concrete and then worked into the surface with a float or trowel. Proline's Dura Color Hardener is a uniform, streak-free concrete color hardener that is durable enough for high traffic areas. In addition to adding color to concrete, it makes a great base for stamped concrete. Available in 42 beautiful colors.

Proline Dura-Stain Concrete Chemical Acid Stain

Chemical or reactive stains can be applied to new or old, plain or colored and stamped concrete surfaces. Chemical stains penetrate and permanently stain new or existing concrete and wears only as the concrete wears. Use a reactive stain for creative faux finishes, permanent and variegated colors. No chipping or peeling and lasting results. Available in 9 standard colors.

Proline EZ-Accent Acrylic Water Based Stain

Specially formulated to accent any decorative concrete surface. It is a translucent stain that is designed to blend with the base color over which it is applied. EZ-Accent is quickly and easily applied to decorative concrete flatwork, vertical surfaces and rockscapes for accent colors and natural-looking variations.

Proline Dura Antique Release

With over 40 standard designer colors, this release agent will give you the beautiful results you are looking for. This product is a colored powder release agent that will provide a contrasting effect on any stamped concrete. Combined with more than one color or alone, this product adds depth and dimension for a truly natural look.

Proline Dura-Grip

A micronized polymer used as a slip-resistant additive to sealers. This product is made to blend easily and is non-abrasive.

Proline Dura-Liquid Release Agent

A parting agent designed to prevent stamping tools from sticking to the substrate. It does this by creating a temporary, waterproof barrier between the fresh concrete and the textured mat. The barrier then evaporates quickly for easy cleanup.

Proline Dura-Seal

VOC100/High Gloss VOC100/Matte Finish VOC650/High Gloss

Available in 1 & 5 gallon containers

Dura-Seal HG is a high gloss solvent-based clear sealer that is VOC 100 compliant. It is designed to be used over most cementitious substrates including stamped & color-hardened concrete surfaces and overlays. It will seal over other coatings and is a perfect sealer/color enhancer for chemically stained concrete. Ideal for interior and exterior use. Will not yellow and has excellent UV stability.

Proline EZ-Tique Water-Based Antiquing Wash

This versatile coloring agent is easily applied and will hold fast to any textured concrete surface. This powder is designed to mix with water and be applied as a liquid wash coat. EZ-Tique can be used to revitalize a weathered concrete surface or add an antique color to a freshly textured surface. It goes on quickly and easily and can be removed readily for greater control of the coloring process. This product is water-based, non-hazardous and zero V.O.C. EZ-Tique comes in 42 standard colors, as does Proline's Color Hardener and Antique Release. It comes in a 3 lb. pail and covers about 2,000 - 3,000 square feet per container, making this product extremely affordable.

Proline EZ-Tique Water-Based Antiquing Wash Sample Kit

6 of the Most Popular Colors: Mojave, Mocha, Midnight Gray, Pueblo, Terra Cotta, and Walnut

BEAN-e-doo Mastic Remover 5 Gallon

BEAN-e-doo Mastic Remover makes the removal of asbestos mastic, carpet mastic, and ceramic tile mastic clean and simple. Users of BEAN-e-doo? Mastic Remover are amazed at the NO ODOR and EASY CLEAN-UP properties of this product. Just pop the tile or pull up the carpet. Then pour BEAN-e-doo Mastic Remover on the surface. In about an hour you will be amazed at how the mastic turns so soft you could scrap it off with your business card! All that is needed for clean up is a water rinse.


Walk Behind Trowels

Allen® Walkers are designed to help concrete professionals produce high tolerance concrete floors (as measured by F-Numbers) with high-quality features that are hard to find on other trowels. All Allen Walkers feature precision engineered Allen Gearboxes for long, trouble-free life. We use cast iron spiders, pressure plates and lift levers for long wear and continuous service. Trowel arms and spiders are precision machined to such close tolerances that the trowels don't need bushings. The high strength steel handle provides maximum comfort and control. Allen Walkers feature a die-cast, centrifugal force safety switch and a safety guard ring that is designed to meet the toughest operator safety standards in the world.

36" Power Trowel

w/Honda & Posi-Pitch & Lift Eye

48" Power Trowel

w/Honda & Posi-Pitch & Lift Eye

Riding Trowels

Pans & Blades

Allen Engineering HD560 Riding Trowel

Allen's HD560 rider is designed to satisfy the most demanding concrete contractors. It's their most powerful rider - and the industry's. The HD560 rider features rotors and hydraulic motors powered by Turbo-Charged Kubota® 99hp Diesel Engine.

Allen Engineering HDX 600 Riding Trowel

The double 4-ft.-diameter HDX 600 (Hydra-Drive Extreme) hydraulic-powered riding trowel is powered by a 44-hp Kubota liquid-cooled turbo diesel engine coupled with all-hydraulic drive and steering.

Allen Engineering HDX 740 Riding Trowel

The Hydra-Drive Extreme (HDX) 740 all hydraulic-powered riding trowel features a low weight to horsepower ratio and reliable hydraulic components, including a patent-pending automatic load sensing device.

Allen Engineering has many models to choose from.
Please call our knowledgeable sales staff for assistance
in choosing the right model for you.



Stone 25CM Concrete Mixer

Compact - Portable. For homeowner projects, feed blending on the farm, small jobs on the construction site, in the rental fleet... plus many other uses.

Stone 25CM Concrete Mixer

Mid-Size Economy. At home, on the farm, in the rental fleet and on the construction site. 4 cu. ft. capacity. Thick steel drum will stand up to lots of pounding.

Stone 25CM Concrete Mixer

Plaster/mortar and concrete mixers are the preferred brand for contractors and the equipment rental industry nationwide because no other manufacturer delivers such an extensive range of features, quality and engineering excellence.

Stone 25CM Concrete Mixer

The portable Mix-N-Go mixers, available with polyethylene or steel drums, are ideal for jobs including small footings and bases, binding block and concrete patching. They're sturdy enough to mix 3 cubic feet (85 liters) of material.

Stone 25CM Concrete Mixer

This 12-cubic-foot (340 liters) capacity plaster/mortar mixer is a stationary model that eliminates the bulky undercarriage on tow-behind mixers. This, along with standard forklift pockets, allows a forklift to pick up, and safely move, the mixer.



Allen Engineering Magic Screed (4' to 16' widths available)

Precision engineered, lightweight wet screed for single operator fast strike-off of concrete. Fast and easy to use, this high-frequency screed provides uniform distribution over the entire blade length, enhancing structural integrity of the concrete through consolidation.

Allen Engineering 12HED Engine Driven Steel Truss Screed

The best truss screed to use when high FL Numbers are specified. This model features 10 gauge galvanized steel screed blades and provides a maximum recommended width of 65' (19.8 m). For more than twenty years, the Razorback® Steel Truss Screed has been the professional contractor's choice.

Allen Engineering 12HD Air Vibration Steel Truss Screed

The 12HD model features 10 gauge galvanized steel screed blades and specially designed, precision engineered naval bronze piston vibrators placed on 30" (762 mm) centers. Provides maximum recommended width of 65' (19.8m).

Allen Engineering 12ECS Aluminum Truss Screed

The Razorback 12ECS Screed is a job-proven machine that permits faster placement of concrete slabs, with higher levelness (FL) numbers. The result is increased production and lower costs. This lightweight screed can be expanded in increments to meet the needs of each job.

Classic Spin Screed Assemblies)

All classic complete assemblies include live and dead end handles, impact socket adapter, power Makita Drill, live and dead end adapters and chosen length of Spin Screed pipe.

Complete Honda Spin Screed Assemblies

All complete assemblies include Honda 4 stroke power head with dual output shaft, dead end handle, live and dead end adapters and chosen length of Spin Screed pipe. The dual output shaft allows the operator to screed in either direction on either side of the pour.

Super Saddles

Super Saddle is a simple but elegant way to position a screed rail within a slab on grade placement so as to improve the slab quality and reduce labor and material costs. With the Super Saddle, a 2x4 screed rail is supported in the perfect position for obstruction-free screeding inside the outline of a slab. Simpler and much more accurate than wet screeding, less expensive than standard steel stakes and carzate hangers, and much less expensive and more versatile than a laser-controlled screed, you will find a hundred uses for Super Saddle every time you place concrete.


MegaScreed is specially designed for large concrete finishing operations and heavy-duty industrial finishing equipment. Up to several times faster than conventional methods and offers extraordinary convenience and economy.

Bunyan Strikers Use friction to cut grade, an alternative to vibratory screeds. Strikers are used in two functions.

Placement Tool = Cut grade during the delivery. The spinning tube strikes against the aggregate, causing it to peel forward into the delivery area. This brings excess concrete forward and provides the delivery team with a visual reference for elevation. The spinning tube carries itself back to allow more delivery.

Screed = Final pass cuts a small roll of material over the surface to the final elevation. If it's not perfect, let the Striker run back for another cut.

AccuScreed System

AccuScreed Driver

The patented high-strength Driver is the key to the AccuScreed System. This is made from a solid piece of case hardened steel. It is also nickel plated for extended use and supreme durability. The design eliminates the need of measuring while setting screed.

AccuScreed Driver

The patented high-strength Driver is the key to the AccuScreed System. This is made from a solid piece of case hardened steel. It is also nickel plated for extended use and supreme durability. The design eliminates the need of measuring while setting screed.

AccuScreed Yoke

Yokes are injection molded for exact duplication. Made of super tough nylon, they are lightweight yet virtually unbreakable. Due to high labor costs, it is most cost effective to leave the yokes in the pour; however, they may be reused.

AccuScreed Nut

This 5/8" Nut is made of nylon and provides superior fine tune adjustments when pouring over wood or steel decks, pre-stressed concrete and when re-surfacing existing floors.

AccuScreed Starter Kit

This kit contains1 Plated Steel Driver, 50 threaded nylon Yokes, 50 nylon Nuts, and a compact canvas carrying bag.

AccuScreed Super Kit

This kit contains 1 Plated Steel Driver, 150 threaded nylon Yokes, and 75 nylon Nuts in a convenient barrel bag.


AccuScreed 300 Kit

This kit contains 1 Plated Steel Driver, 300 threaded nylon Yokes, and 300 nylon Nuts in a convenient barrel bag. Our Best Value!

Saws Cut-Off and Walk Behind


Husqvarna K 760 "Quickie" Concrete Saw

The Husqvarna K 760 is a powerful all-round power cutter with features that make it one of the best power cutters on the market. The K 760 is ideal for cutting concrete and stone in alterations, renovations and new construction. It is also perfect for cutting smaller holes and adjusting window and door openings, as well as some pipe, asphalt and metal cutting.

Soff-Cut X-150 Prowler™ Walk Behind Concrete Saw

The Husqvarna Soff-Cut 150 gas saw is designed for residential and light commercial applications. Features include a patented low noise system which allows the unit to be used in residential areas with minimal disruption. In addition, the low dust blade block system allows the saw to cut dry and it controls the debris for easy cleanup.

Husqvarna FS 309 Walk-Behind Saw

These saws are ideal for small repair jobs and are very easy to handle. They can be transported in any small vehicle. This compact, portable flat saw has a 14" blade capacity and a trustworthy, 8 horse power Honda engine. Great for very small road repair jobs, cutting small trenches for pipe laying, and cutting in difficult-to-access job sites. Shown with optional water tank.

Multiquip SP213H20 Walk-Behind Saw

For the bigger cutting jobs choose wisely. Choose Multiquip's SP2 Street Pro Slab Saws. Built-in water tank for dust control Cutting depth is 7.5 inches (190 mm)

Multiquip FCG1-6H SlabSaver Concrete Saw

Multiquip's SlabSaver concrete saws are the ultimate multi-purpose cutting machines. small enough to exceed the demands of a job requiring pinpoint accuracy yet powerful enough to slice through any number of materials.

Core Drills

Kor-It K-501-G25V One-person, handheld, core drill machine. Light weight (power head is only 22 lbs). 31cc, gasoline powered engine - 4 cycle 6 1/2" bit diameter capacity • Vertical or horizontal drilling



Diamond Blades – Concrete, Asphalt or General Purpose

Concut, Pearl & Husqvarna Brands
Dry & Wet Cutting – 4" up to 36" (Custom blades can be ordered)

Carbide Blades – Metal

Cup Wheels



Core Bits

Carbide Tipped Core Bits

Concrete Drill Bits

Cruciform Bits

Concrete Vibrators


Allen Eng. Flex-Shaft Concrete Vibrator w/ 7' Whip

  • Powered by 115-volt grounded aluminum electric motors on a four-cycle Honda gasoline engine
  • All Allen Flex-Shaft vibrator heads, shafts and power units are interchangeable

Iskco CV Series Cordless Vibrators

Iskco Handy-Vib CV Series cordless vibrator brings safe, efficient, and effective vibration to the concrete industry. The innovative cordless design provides up to 40 minutes of continuous operation. The Power Pack kit provides easy storage of the batteries and battery charger, allowing the vibrator to be taken virtually anywhere.

Oztec BP50 - 2.5 HP 50cc Backpack w/10 ft whip & 1 ¾" x 14" Vibrator Head


  • BP-50 Runs heads up to 2 ½" diameter. Honda 2 ½ HP,4 stroke, Weight 24lbs
  • All Oztec power units come standard with the Quick Disconnect "QD" system

Oztec Concrete Vibrator Electric Motors

Manufactured to exacting specifications in order to withstand the rough day to day abuses associated with construction sites. Lightweight, compact and fitted with our comfortable adjustable shoulder strap, this one man power unit will speed through the stiffest concrete. Using the Vibrator Selection Chart allows you to combine power units with any of Oztec's steel or rubber vibrator heads for maximum productivity.

Makita BVR450

18V Cordless 4 Ft. Concrete Vibrator

Power Tools


Drill Bits – Various

Makita DPC7311

14" Power Cutter - 73cc

Makita HR3851

1-1/2" Rotary Hammer (Spline, AC/DC)

Makita LXT201

Combo Unit – Drill Driver & Impact Driver

Makita 5377MGX

7-1/4" Magnesium Hypoid - Saw Kit W/ Tool Belt

Hilti WSR 650-A

Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Hilti TE 2

Rotary Hammer

Hilti TE 70-ATC


Hilti TE 1000-AVR


Hilti SID 144-A

Cordless Impact Driver



Hilti DX 460-F8

Fully Automatic Powder-Actuated Tool

Ramset Cobra

Powder Fastening System 27 Caliber Strip Tool Semi-Automatic

2-1/2" Pin Capacity (3" w/washer)

Ramset Pins & Loads

Red Head Accessories

Red Head Mechanical Anchors

Red Head Screw Anchors & Installation Tools


Red Head Adhesive Anchoring Systems

  • Red Head A7 Acrylic Adhesive (5 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, 28 oz)
  • Red Head C6 Fast Curing Epoxy for all conditions
  • Red Head G5 High Strength Epoxy (22 oz)


  • 24 hour cure time at 70° F
  • Fire Rated: tested up to 4 hours Fire Resistance Period
  • High Strength Epoxy

The epoxy resin and hardener are completely mixed as they are dispensed from the dual cartridge through a static mixing nozzle, directly into the anchor hole. G5 can be used with threaded rod or rebar.

Red Head Hand Dispenser Injection Tools

Rebar and Rebar Accessories



Rebar Shears Top Loading

Rebar Benders

Concrete Mesh Cutters

Rebar Cutter Benders

Bag Ties

Loop End Wire Ties

Annealed Bundled Wire

Tie Wire Wheels

Tie Wire

Pliers, Nippers & Cutters

Rebar Caps

Rebar Safety/ Protective Caps

Rebar Carriers

Bar-Lock Couplers

Bar-Lock Transition Couplers

Bar-Lock Structural Steel Connectors




Foam Skew Positioners

Bar Supports

  • Plastic Bar Supports
  • Beam & Slab Bolsters
  • High Chairs
  • Individual High Chairs
  • Linden Chairs
  • Spacers
  • Chair Supports

Bar Splicing & Substitution

  • Threaded Rebar Couplers
  • Uni-Metal Boxes
  • USB Splicing Systems
  • Panel Pads
  • Plastic Dowel Tubes
  • OSHA Caps
  • Bar Guards

Forming, Shoring and Tilt Up


Forming Systems

  • Modular Hand Set Forming Systems
  • Quick Form Modular Gang Forming Systems

Sonotube Concrete Forms

6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 24", 30" & 36"

Polycast Presloped Trench Drain System

Designed for a variety of applications, both indoors and outdoors. Polycast® is made of polymer concrete, a high strength, chemical resistant, closed cell material. As a result, these drains offer a high degree of chemical resistance, have a water absorption value of less than one percent, and are more than four times stronger than ordinary Portland cement concrete. Rapid drainage, durability and resistance to freeze/thaw cycles make Polycast® ideal for outdoor applications.

Deck Forming

  • Bridge Overhang Brackets
  • Bridge Deck Hangers
  • Wire Beam Hangers
  • Snap Tie Hangers
  • Steel Edge Forms
  • Screed Holders & Chairs

Curb & Gutter

  • Curb & Gutter Forms
  • Sidewalk Forms
  • Form Stakes
  • Flex Curb Forms
  • Light & Heavy Paving Forms
  • Barrier Forms
  • Fiber Expansion Joint

Symons Panel Loop Ties, Flat Ties & Base Ties

6" - Panel Loop Ties for SYMONS Panels
6" - "X"-Flat Ties for SYMONS Panels
8" - Panel Loop Ties for SYMONS Panels
8" - "X"-Flat Ties for SYMONS Panels
10" - Panel Loop Ties for SYMONS Panels
10" - "X"-Flat Ties for SYMONS Panels
12" - Panel Loop Ties for SYMONS Panels
12" - "X"-Flat Ties for SYMONS Panels
6" - Base Ties for SYMONS Panels

Pre-Cast Systems & Products

  • Lift Systems
  • Utility Anchors
  • Cable Loop Anchors
  • Plastic Stud Extenders


  • Bioform Form Release
  • Super Clean & Tilt Bond Breaker
  • Curing & Sealing
  • Curing Compounds & Liquid Hardeners
  • Bonding Agents
  • Floor Prep/Stripper & Cleaners
  • Epoxies & Grouts
  • Cement Repair Mortars
  • Floor Hardeners, Toppings & Self-Levelers
  • Epoxy Repair Mortars
  • Fiber Expansion Joints

Shoring Systems

  • Titan HV Main & Secondary Beam Components
  • Titan HV Drophead Components
  • Titan HV Connections
  • Titan HV Accessories
  • Titan HV Shores
  • Horizontal Adj. Aluminum Shoring Beams

Tilt-Up Systems

  • Ring-Lift 15KP & 22XL
  • Uni-Lift 360
  • Pro-Lift & Pro-Lift HD
  • Pipe Braces, Hardware & Accessories
  • Formliners
  • Tilt-Up Construction Chemicals





Arrow Construction & Supply

Concrete Tilt-Up Building
New Store in Spokane Valley, WA

T.W. Clark Construction Project in Plummer, ID - New Fire Station

Storm King Project in Post Falls, ID - New Warehouse Bldg.


TITAN HV Shoring

Paras Concrete Project in Coeur d'Alene, ID – Riverstone

TITAN HV is a pre-engineered modular system featuring lightweight interlocking aluminum beams that erect and strip very quickly and safely. The unique Drophead feature allows for early removal of the framing members (typically the day after the pour). The system can accommodate shore heights up to 18'-10" and offers exceptional flexibility and durability.

Forming Accessories




* This product requires proper engineering 4,000 lbs. Safe Working Load

2:1 Safety Factor CHAMFERS
















STEEL STAKES 18", 24" & 36"




TWISTED WIRE TIES Gates Style 6" & 8"





















Concrete Equipment & Accessories

Abrasive Blades Margin Trowels Shovels
Acetone Measuring Tapes Silicone Sealant
ADA Domes/Mats Mesh Cutters Silicone Waterproofing
Adhesive Miraclay Single Waler Forming
Aligner Braces Miradrain & Miradrain 6000 Skins
Anchor Bolts Mixing Tools Sledge Hammers
Anchor Lock Ties Muriatic Acid Sonotube
Anchors Nails Snap Tie Wedges
Antique Release Non-Shrink Grout Snap Ties
Backer Rod Non-Slip Aggregate Speed Dowels
Bag Ties NP1 Sealant Spikes
Bar Chairs Number/Letter Set Sponge Floats
Barriers Nylon Line Sprayers
Beam Hangers Paint Spreaders
Bentonite Clay Paint Brushes Squeegees
Bits Paste Epoxy Stabilization Fabric
Blades (diamond, carbide) Patchcrete Stair Tread
Bolt Cutters Patching Stake Pullers
Bond Breaker Pavecrete Stakes
Bonding Agents Pencil Rod Buttons Stamps
Boots Perforated Drain Pipe Stay-Form
Brace Anchors Picks Steel Stakes
Braces Placers Step Liners
Bridge Hardware Plastic Keys Step Tools
Bridge Overhang Brackets Pointing Trowels Straight Edge Kits
Brooms Poly Tape Stripping Bar
Brushes Polystyrene Numbers Structural Repair
Bull Floats/Brackets Polystyrene Void Stud Anchors
Bump Cutter Kits Polyurea Repair & Sealants Super Tie
Burlap Power Trowels Surface Prep
Calculators Pre-Molded Membrane Surveyor's Tape
Carpenter's Pencils Primers Tampers
Caulk Guns Protection Course Tape
Caution Flags Pry Bars Tape Measures
Cera-Rod Pumps-Grout Taper Ties
Chalk Pumps-Water Test Cylinders
Chalk Boxes Purlin Anchors Texturing Mats
Chamfer Strip Putty Knives Threaded Inserts
Channel Drain PVC Sheeting Tie Wire Reels
Check Rod Kits Rap-I-Form Clips Tie Wire Twisters
Chemical Stain Rebar Benders Tilt-Up Systems
Chisels Rebar Chairs Trowel Float Pans
Coil Inserts Rebar Connectors Trowels
Coil Ties Rebar Cutters Traffic Barrier
Color Hardeners Rebar Guards Traffic Cones
Column Base Rebar Lifters Transit-Levels
Column Form-Round Recover Strip Trench Drain
Combi-form Reglet Trowels
Concrete Bonding Respirators Trowels (Power)
Concrete Plugs Rezi-Weld 1000 Tuck Pointers
Construction Grout Rezi-Weld Gel Paste Twisted Tie Wire (Gates Style)
Control Joint Riser Forms Underslab Vapor Barrier
Corner Rollers Rollerbugs Vibrators
Corner Trowels Rollers Void Forms
Crack Chaser Roof Cement Walking Edgers
Crack Control Joint Rotary Hammers Walking Trowels
Crack Sealants Round Column Form Water Pumps
Crayons Rub Bricks Waterstop
Crystalline Waterproofing Rubber Floats Waterstop-RX
Cumalongs Rubbing Blocks Waterproofing
Curb & Gutter Tools Rustication Strips Wedge Anchors
Cures & Sealers Sand Bags Wedge Form Ties
Curing Blankets Scaffold Jack Wedges
Curing Compound Scrapers Wheelbarrows
Cut Washers Screed Boards Wire
Cutters/Benders Screed Chairs/Hooks/Pads Wood Floats
Darbies Screed Posts Wood Stakes
Demolition Hammers Sealer Zip Strip
Diamond Blades Self-Leveling Floor Material
Diamond Grinding Wheels Setting Cement